work in progress | 2.12.2017

: Signed up for Bead Soup Hoarders’ Edition:  bead(s) need to find their way into a box, a note written and a jaunt to the post office tomorrow.  My partner is Bonnie Coursolle!
: Art Elements:  Last Monday was a good mail day!  I was lucky enough to receive one of Jenny’s lovely broken hearts!  Supplies for the design were ordered from Bead and Glass Boutique and should be in my mailbox early this week.  The blog reveal will take place on Tuesday February 28th.
bd5be0_75e19dbf7cb7470182c23d5d642297e5-mv2 (1)
: Beadweaving Project:  The colorway and design are coming together nicely, but I need to start thinking of a name.  {components from MAKU Studios}
: Add portfolio pages to website.
 So that’s want I will be working on this week!  Stay tuned for updates!
Thank you for stopping by and take a few minutes this week and  create something !!



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