Bead Soup Hoarders’ Edition

I have the pleasure of being partnered with Bonnie Coursolle!!  I know Bonnie when we “met” online through blogging when I ran a series called “Focus on Life” !  It was a photo prompt series that connected me with many creative people!!  When I found out that Bonnie was my partner I was thrilled,  it made it a little easier to let go of a bead (or two) that I was hoarding.  Knowing it would go to a good home!!  LOL!!  Here is want I sent to Bonnie:
The beads I sent Bonnie are from lampwork artist, Kris Schaible.  I have a few of her beads hoarded away for that special project that never seems to happen!  Come on!  How can you not hoard these beautiful beads!!  The vivid colors and layers of transparent glass that capture swirls of colors!
Now, what I received from Bonnie
is a  gorgeous dancing moon goddess pendant created by lampwork artist Louise Ingram along with a lovely letter! I can see why Bonnie hoards her beads!  There is just so much detail in the moon goddess pendant! And she even appears to sway as her arms outreach toward a waning crescent moon!
In her description of the goddess pendants Louise states; “These Goddess beads have a quality of quiet spiritually about them while also portraying inner strength.”
I couldn’t describe it better!!
I now sit and ponder how to best honor her!  A design will come and I hope you stop back here on March 25th, for the reveal!!
Thanks for stopping by!!  And remember…. create something today!!

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