Sally Russick here… it’s me…Really!  Not kidding.

How has everyone been?   Me? Well…

I took some time off to enjoy the extraordinary in the ordinary everyday.  I took photos. Photos that are holding their place in my compact flash waiting to be edited and shown to the world.  I leaped out of my comfort zone and submitted a few photos to Mobile Photography Awards and …. look at that… got honorable mention in the macro category.  Thank you very much.

2015 Mobile Photography Awards
Honorable Mention Macro & Detail by Olloclip

Slow It Goes by Sally Russick

We loaded up the car and went on a few vacations and a couple of long weekends for some much needed family time.  There were more baseball and soccer games then you can shake a stick at… loved being at each and every practice and game and watching  just how much a kid stretches, grows and matures in one season.

I didn’t forget about creating, metal was formed around cabochons  and beads were sewn on to backing.  With the help of  a few metalsmithing classes and a few bead embroidery workshops, I carved out time for taking stock and developing my craft.    Hoping this would enable a clear and definite style to reveal itself…. still waiting… seems that I’m all over the broad!  Can that be a style?

That’s what I’ve been doing… but you may not know me at all.  You may not remember the  Holiday Ornament Swap that I would organize each year (they were really fun!) or the Focus on Life  (1 photo each week for 52 weeks ) that got everyone snapping photos and reflecting on the many ways that you can interpret a simple word or statement into a photograph (I miss this and the the creative photo sparks).   Making connections and having the opportunity to work with others is always important to me, there will be swaps, challenges and creative sparks coming soon.

So!  Who is this woman?

Mom | wife | jewelry artist | lifestyle photographer | get my hands dirty | seeker of the extraordinary in the ordinary everyday!