I’m a Hoarder!

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Today, I’m participating in Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Hoarders’ Edition!

I’ll keep the post short!

If you haven’t had a chance to read the previous post, my Bead Soup Partner is the lovely  Bonnie Coursolle  and below is the pendant that she sent me!


A beautiful dancing moon goddess!!  *swoon!! created by lampwork artist Louise Ingram.   I just love the sway of the hip!

It took a few days to work out a design and colorway that I felt properly honored the pendant.  And I’m in love with how it turned out and have already been wearing the necklace quite a bit.  Thank you Bonnie for the beautiful pendant!!

Goddess Pendant Necklace Close Up



The necklace is a mix of beadweaving and stringing.  The beadweaving stitch is tubular twisted herringbone using size 11/0 seed beads.

Thank you Lori for hosting another wonderful swap!!

Here is the link to the list of participating artist’s  http://www.prettythingsblog.com/2017/03/welcome-to-bead-soup-blog-party-bead.html

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have sometime today to create something!!



Spreading the Love!


I threw my hat in the ring in hopes of getting picked for the  Art Elements Component of the Month for February.  And as luck would have it I was one of the lucky ones and snagged a beautiful polymer clay heart created by Jenny Davies Reazor.  The perfectly scarred, cracked and broken heart captured my soul.  You can view the original AE post here: Art Elements February Component .

The main theme of the February Component was to “spread the love”!

This component challenge couldn’t have come at a better time!  There is so much rage festering and anger oozing all over social media that we are forgetting our kind word vocabulary and have gone on the attack!

We are so much better than this!   Like the heart for this challenge we all, everyone of us, has been wounded, scarred and broken in someway.  Look kindly on others,  their baggage may be heavier, wounds may to deeper and scars may still be pink.

Today. Yes, today I have a challenge for you.   SPREAD THE LOVE!!!  We all can use a little more love today and everyday!!

Thank you Art Elements! And THANK YOU to Jenny for the opportunity to create something with one of her beautiful handcrafted artisan component.

Spread the love and find inspiration by  visiting the full list of artists participating in today’s reveal.

Art Elements team: 
  • Claire
    I lie how organic the wrapping is with the beads coming over the heart, it fits to the heart with the wire stitching, all holding it together 🙂
    Claire http://saraccino.blogspot.com 20 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thank you Claire!!
      Sally 19 days ago
  • Kathy Lindemer
    I love what you did to the heart.  Great job making a stunning necklace
    Kathy Lindemer 20 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thank you Kathy!!
      Sally 19 days ago
  • Cooky Schock
    How beautiful! Love it.
    Cooky Schock 23 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thank you Cooky!  
      Sally 19 days ago
  • Lindsay
    Lovely!  I really like when beads come up and over the cabochon in bead embroidery.  Thank you for playing along with us!
    Lindsay 23 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thank you Lindsay!
      Sally 23 days ago
  • Mona Arnott
    A repaired heart that has been captured and surrounded with love and care. Such a lovely symbol that is so needed these days
    Mona Arnott bijouxgemsjoy.blogspot.ca 24 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thank you Mona! 
      Sally 23 days ago
  • Susan Kennedy
    Sally, I love your bead color choices and the beads as well!  Awesome they way you wrapped them over the top of the heart! LOVE!
    Susan Kennedy 24 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Sue, thank you so much for stopping by to comment!! 
      Sally 24 days ago
  • Jenny
    Sally – its gorgeous. I love the pearls. I have to agree with your sentiments – there is so much vitriol – I need to balance that with some positivity. Not hiding, not blowing sunshine, just honest compassion.
    The three beaded “ropes” are such a pretty visual counterpoint to the staples. Its very yin-yang. And I love it on the silky ribbon – it adds an ethereal note. Thank you sos much for participating! Much love to you!
    Jenny www.jdaviesreazor.com 24 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Oh Jenny!!!  Thank you for your lovely comment and for the opportunity to participate!!  
      Sally 24 days ago
  • Elaine
    Very beautiful work x
    Elaine 24 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
        Thank you Elaine!!
      Sally 24 days ago
  • Shaiha
    I just love the soft colors and your message of love.
    Shaiha www.shaihasramblings.com 24 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thank you Shaiha!!
      Sally 24 days ago
  • Caroline
    I love the delicate colours, it’s a gorgeous design, and the ribbon is a perfect finish!
    Caroline http://www.blueberribeads.co.uk 24 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thank you so much Caroline!!
      Sally 24 days ago
  • niky
    I really love your necklace Sally the colours are just perfect and beautiful bead work!
    niky 24 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thank you Niky!!   
      Sally 24 days ago
  • Cathy Mendola
    Oh Wow! I absolutely love your color choice of beads. It just speaks to me so very much.  Spreading the love!
    Cathy Mendola Http://www.cmendola.blogspot.com 24 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thank you for the lovely comment Cathy!!
      Sally 24 days ago
  • Jen Cameron
    Absolutely gorgeous, Sally. Now I want to rip mine apart and start over. LOL! Thanks for reading Art Elements and participating in the design challenge
    Jen Cameron http://glassaddictions.com/blog 24 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thanks Jen!!
      Sally 24 days ago
  • laney
    laney 24 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thank you Laney!!
      Sally 24 days ago
  • Rosantia Petkova
    I was sure this COM will provoke many thoughts 🙂  I see your heart is embraced in beauty and serenity, love the design and colors
    Rosantia Petkova http://bairozan.blogspot.bg/ 24 days ago Reply 0
    • Sally
      Thank you Rosantia!
      Sally 24 days ago